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Phone Control Panel (19)
Phone Control Panel


Am I able to transfer my cell phone number to VoiceGator?
We are able to port your existing number. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and...
Views: 874
Are there any required bandwidth specifications to use VoiceGator ?
It is recommended that a minimum connection speed of 256Kbps is utilized in order to experience...
Views: 792
Cal I dial 900 area code numbers with my VoiceGator service?
No, VoiceGator service does not support dialing 900 area code numbers.
Views: 780
Can I port my toll-free number to VoiceGator ?
Yes, VoiceGator offers the option of porting in your toll-free number. For a detailed guide on...
Views: 823
Can I receive collect calls with my VoiceGator service?
No, VoiceGator does not support receiving collect calls.
Views: 833
Can I use VoiceGator over a dial-up internet connection?
Voice over IP requires a high speed internet connection (broadband) such as DSL, cable internet,...
Views: 841
Does VoiceGator Offer BYOD
The answer is simply NO we do not offer this.We only support the devices that...
Views: 818
How Do I Cancel My Account ?
To cancel your VoiceGator account, simply log into our client area and select my products &...
Views: 803
How do I order a Cloud / Virtual Number?
To order a Cloud / Virtual Number, please follow these instructions: 1) Log into our Client Area...
Views: 755
How do I register my e-911 address
Upon the completion and processing of your sign up, you must log into our client area.Then click...
Views: 1131
How do I transfer/port my existing home phone number?
We are able to port your existing number. Please note that the process will take 1-2 weeks, and...
Views: 1174
Is there any trial period for VoiceGator service in case it's not right for me?
We believe our service is the best choice for anyone seeking a reliable, feature-rich VoIP...
Views: 850
Is VoiceGator compatible with a soft phone?
In order to use a soft phone with VoiceGator service, you must have, at least, speakers and a...
Views: 1013
Is VoiceGator compatible with my alarm system, DVR, credit card machine, or fax machine?
Unfortunately, the success of analog transmissions from these devices over VoiceGator technology...
Views: 782
Listings in public directories once number ports/transfers into VoiceGator.
When you choose to transfer your existing phone number to VoiceGator, we submit your phone number...
Views: 772
Shipping Policies
For normal residential/small business accounts, devices will be shipped within 7-14 days of the...
Views: 784
Star Code and Feature Code List
*20 - Call Forwarding (Include Destination Number)Example: *205551113333*21 - Disable Call...
Views: 1072
What is a Cloud or Virtual Number?
You're able to add additional phone numbers to your account from any cities/rate centers that...
Views: 812
What type of internet service do I need for VoiceGator service?
VoiceGator requires a high speed internet connection such as DSL, cable internet, or fiber optic...
Views: 850
Why do I need a security PIN?
Federal regulations require that we implement specific security measures when it comes to...
Views: 795
Will dangerous weather affect my VoiceGator service?
As long as your internet connection is functional and your VoiceGator device is powered on,...
Views: 806
Will I be provided with a Temporary Number while my number transfers/ports to VoiceGator ?
When you sign up for VoiceGator and request a number transfer a free "Cloud / Virtual Number"...
Views: 853

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