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How do I register my e-911 address

Upon the completion and processing of your sign up, you must log into our client area.

Then click on phone control and log into the phone control panel and manually update your E-911 address information.

 Please follow the steps below to update your E-911 address:

1) Log into our client area at  http://voicegator.com

2) Click on the Phone Control and Log into the Phone Control Panel

2) Click on "E911" tab at the top of the page

3) Input your full name/address and click "Update

4) You will be given the option to choose the correct address that is registered with our E-911 carrier

5) Choose the address and click Update to save this information

Your E-911 address is now configured.  You would want to change this information when you use the VoiceGator service

away from the address that was saved initially.

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