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Is VoiceGator compatible with a soft phone?

In order to use a soft phone with VoiceGator service, you must have, at least, speakers and a microphone. A headset works

best as it decreases a lot of the echo that you would otherwise hear.

We suggest using X-Lite soft phone available from http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html You should only need

to enter in the sip authentication credentials to get the soft phone up and running.

To retrieve your sip authentication credentials for your softphone:

1. Log in to our client area and submit a support ticket and your sip credentials will be emailed to you.

We can only provide the necessary SIP credentials for the soft phone. 

We can not assist you in troubleshooting the software or devices that are not provided by VoiceGator.

The Softphone server does not allow outgoing International calls.

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