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We are proud to roll out VoiceGator.

The following announcement was posted on our official facebook page http://facebook.com/vermontwebworks

This is a smart way to save up to 75% off of your current phone bill. You still make all the calls from your personal home phone with extreme ease. VoiceGator is plug and play this makes it so simple any one can save money. 

By adapting your homes current phone  through our VoiceGator service we'll be able to take a bite out of your phone bill in no time.

Not only will you be able to make all the local and long distance calls you couldn't before because of restrictions with your current plan. You can also make International calls for extremely cheap if not *free.

Check us out at http://www.voicegator.com and find out just how much you can save by going through our online service. All you will need is a phone no computer is required.

*Free International calls depend on selected destinations which we have provided in a list found at 


Friday, September 28, 2012

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