Why not place VoiceGator Phone Service on your Apple or Android device and start saving money on your mobile calls.

Works even better with an Apple device that has a celluar data plan.

You can virtually cut your cell phone bill in half.


Works on Apple and Android Divices

VoiceGator has partnered with CounterPath to bring you the very best soft phone in the industry.

CounterPath’s Bria mobile softphone suite includes smartphone and tablet VoIP applications that are highly secure, standards-based and work over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks to make and receive calls.  

Using the device’s existing contact list, Bria mobile softphones facilitate easy and effective communication management with an intuitive user interface. Deskphone-class calling functionality includes the ability to swap between two calls, merge calls and perform attended and unattended transfers. Bria also incorporates advanced security settings which allow for secure call signaling and enhanced audio features including G.711, G.722, GSM, iLBC and SILK.

 Bria mobile softphones are available for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android smartphones and Tablets. For more information on the Bria mobile softphone suite, please visit CounterPath’s website.

Want more than voice calling?

Bria mobile softphones also include premium feature add-ons such as Video Calls, Presence and Messaging and advanced audio codecs. These features can be purchased within the application under the Premium Features - Settings tab to enhance your communications experience.

 Download Bria on your iPhone, iPad, IPad Mini, 4th generation iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.  For previous generations of the iPod Touch, you'll need headphones and a microphone.

On an Android divice you can download Bria from the Google Play Store.


✓ Secure, encrypted calling prevents snooping on public wireless networks

✓ High-Definition calls to other VoiceGator clients make your calls sound as clear as the music you hear on your iPod

✓ Send your VoiceGator calls to any phone number via our call forwarding service

✓ Built-in integration with your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or IPad Mini Contacts

✓ Push notifications for incoming calls

✓ Includes two-line calling features, including call waiting and three-way calling

✓ Ability to add text messaging as an add on option in incruments of 250, 500 and 1000 texts.

✓ Allows VoiceGator calls to continue in the background on speakerphone (iPhones with iOS 4+ only)

✓ Integrates with Apple Headphones: click the center button on your Apple headphones to answer an incoming call or disconnect a call in progress or double click the center button to switch between calls on different lines (requires iOS 4+)